Why Scientologists Support Foundation for a Drug-Free World

Drawing on three decades of experience in drug education and prevention, the Truth About Drugs curriculum and materials of the Foundation for a Drug-Free World reach kids on a visceral level, helping them take an honest look at what drugs really are and what they do.

A recent letter received by the Foundation for a Drug-Free World from a Colorado school resource officer illustrates why Scientologists are passionate about supporting the Foundation and volunteer their time getting the Truth About Drugs materials into the hands of parents, teachers, mentors, police and kids.

“I have been teaching drug and alcohol education…for seven years,” the letter begins. “I have identified firsthand many emerging drug-use trends in our students, generally beginning at about age 14.”

"Marijuana is the drug causing the most harm to our youth. I have seen many children become addicted to marijuana very rapidly."

Colorado school resource officer

The permissive attitude toward marijuana in his state has caused considerable damage, from his perspective. “Marijuana is the drug causing the most harm to our youth,” he says. “I have seen many children become addicted to marijuana very rapidly.”

He has found chronic truancy to be a fact of life that goes hand-in-hand with marijuana dependence, ultimately resulting in kids dropping out before they complete high school.

But entirely new class of drugs is taking its toll on youth and the Colorado school resource officer is using the Drug-Free World materials to counter this trend with the young people he deals with.

“Drug-Free World has recently updated their pamphlets to include Synthetic Drugs,” he says, “a topic which I am an expert in. But many law enforcement officers and educators have never even heard of many of these drugs. Sadly, I was educated about many of them by high school students who had either used them or knew others who did.”

The school resource officer describes the Truth About Drugs videos as “riveting.”

“Drug-Free World is an incredible resource for law enforcement and educators alike,” says the officer. “They are very committed to fighting the war on drugs from the perspective of promoting healthy communities free from addiction, crime, and violence. I am very grateful for their support and strongly endorse their organization.”

Scientologists on six continents work in their communities throughout the year to empower others with the truth about drugs. The Church and its members are dedicated to eradicating drug abuse through education.


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