The Best Keeps Getting Better at the Beautiful New Scientology Mission of Belleair, Florida

Grand opening of the Scientology Mission of Belleair

Scientologists and community leaders welcomed the Scientology Mission of Belleair to its new home.

​Just a few miles from Clearwater, Florida, and the international spiritual headquarters of the religion, the Scientology Mission of Belleair has been acknowledged time and again for its rapid expansion. And on Saturday, Nov. 25, it added an exclamation point to its reputation when hundreds of Scientologists, dignitaries and guests celebrated the dedication of its new home.

“Today we are setting a new course for this Mission, establishing it as a place from which we can provide even more help to the community,” said Mission Executive Director Adriana Scarpellini. “From here, we will disseminate the works of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. And from here, we will also emanate Mr. Hubbard’s solutions for drug rehabilitation, drug prevention, and campaigns to salvage every sector of society.”

Ms. Scarpellini welcomed the community to “a place where respect and integrity are to be found … where you and your children can grow in peace … where people of goodwill can prosper.”

Joining in the ceremony were Executive Director of Pinellas County Sheriff’s Police Athletic League, Mr. Neil Brickfield; CEO of The Gentleman’s Course and president of United for Human Rights Florida, Mr. Christopher King; and Pinellas County Commissioner Ms. Kathleen Peters.

Taking on his position in 2013, Mr. Brickfield realized he needed community support to really help local youth. “I knew right away I couldn’t do it by myself,” he said. “I needed good community partners. So I started working my network, and the first group to answer the call was the Church of Scientology and they have been our partners ever since.”

Mr. King also spoke of support received from the Church. He found the Church provides him “not just one resource but a multitude of resources and avenues. And despite that, you have never requested anything of me... What that says is that the intent of the Church of Scientology is to better humanity. Period.”

Commissioner Peters stressed the importance of partnership. “At the end of the day, government alone cannot solve everything... We need people who are willing to be involved, to find solutions and get them implemented. And I have found that the members of this community and this Church are those people.”

When the ribbon came down, the 10,000-square-foot Mission sprang to life, as guests toured through the new facility. The Scientology Mission of Belleair is equipped with every resource needed to provide the full array of introductory Scientology services. ​

The Mission is open from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday through Friday. For more information on the Church of Scientology Mission of Belleair visit 1601 West Bay Drive, in Largo. Contact the Mission at (727) 501-9996 or email

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Source: Church of Scientology International