Scientology Church Welcomes the Chicano Pride Ride 2018

Church of Scientology Colorado

Proud to back Chicano Pride Ride 2018 to raise funds for the Latin American Educational Foundation.

Hundreds of motorcycles roared into the parking lot of the Church of Scientology of Colorado on a scheduled stop of the Chicano Pride Ride 2018.

Chicano Pride Ride is Denver’s fastest growing poker run — an organized event where participants must visit five to seven checkpoints, drawing a playing card at each one. The object is to have the best poker hand at the end of the run. An estimated 900 to 1,000 motorcyclists participated in this year’s ride, which raised money for the Latin American Educational Foundation.

When the bikers stopped at the Church of Scientology, Volunteer Ministers greeted them and introduced them to another simple way they can help improve the education of young Latino students. Based on their interest in education, the Volunteer Ministers handed out copies of the booklet The Technology of StudyThe booklet contains simple tools anyone can learn and use to improve their own study ability or help others overcome problems in this area.

The Church of Scientology Denver reaches out throughout the region with its Volunteer Ministers program. The Technology of Study is one of 19 booklets and corresponding courses to help others overcome difficulties and improve their lives. The courses are all available free of charge on the Scientology website and videos describing each of the courses can be viewed on

Chicano Pride Ride coordinator and executive director of the Latin American Educational Foundation Jim Chavez thanked the Church of Scientology for its generosity in making their parking lot available to the hundreds of bikers participating in the run.

Proceeds from the Pride Ride’s fundraising efforts have made it possible for the Latin American Educational Foundation to provide more than 7,000 scholarships to Hispanic students over the past 60 years.