Police Officers Set a Good Example in Midrand, South Africa

 Officers filled up their vans with The Way to Happiness

Supporting honesty and self-respect in the community

South African Police Service (SAPS) officers in Midrand have taken a page from The Way to Happiness as they “set a good example” with their outreach to the community.

They loaded up their vans with boxes of The Way to Happiness, the common-sense guide to better living with values that apply to people of all cultures, faiths and creeds.

The agency is charged with creating a safe and secure environment, and what better way to do so than by promoting honesty and good conduct.

Precept 20 of the booklet is “Try to treat others as you would want them to treat you.” It states:

“In all times and in most places, Mankind has looked up to and revered certain values. They are called the virtues. They have been attributed to wise men, holy men, saints and gods. They have made the difference between a barbarian and a cultured person, the difference between chaos and a decent society.

“Joy and pleasure do not come from immorality! Quite the reverse! Joy and pleasure arise only in honest hearts: the immoral lead unbelievably tragic lives filled with suffering and pain. The human virtues have little to do with gloominess. They are the bright face of life itself.”

The officers also helped renovate a local orphanage, working on the construction of new facilities for the children.

Humanitarian and Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard wrote The Way to Happiness: A Common Sense Guide to Better Living. Entirely nonreligious, its 21 precepts may be used by anyone regardless of race, culture or creed to foster kindness, honesty and the basic skills of living.

The Church of Scientology and its members are proud to share the tools for happier living contained in The Way to Happiness. Some 117 million copies have been distributed in 186 nations.

Watch The Way to Happiness book on film on the Scientology Network.

Source: The Way to Happiness Foundation


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