Is It Possible to Resolve Conflicts?

The common denominator in conflicts, from marriage problems to war, is revealed in an online course.

Conflicts are very hard to handle. Right? Just ask either side of a bitter divorce—not to mention rival gangs. Is there really a way to resolve them?

On completing the Scientology Volunteer Minister course called The Cause of Conflicts, an Illinois woman realized the harm you can create when you exaggerate your grievances or complain about someone to another. This is what she had to say.

“The most important lesson I have learned is the value of my own words. Sometimes I communicate loosely or state things that might be an assumption rather than a hard and fast fact. That results in a misunderstanding. On some occasions I think I could have communicated better, especially if [what I said] was shared in confidence and resulted in a disagreement between others.”

“I am also more alert as to the weight I give private reports, regardless of the source,” she continued. “So many times, I record reports from third parties as fact because I value the reporter. Many times I have mishandled situations based on reports that later turned out to be false or misconstrued for the benefit of the reporter.”

The Cause of Conflicts is one of 19 free online courses available through the Scientology Volunteer Ministers website and  

According to the website, in researching the causes of violence, L. Ron Hubbard unearthed a fundamental and natural law of human relations that explains why conflicts between people are so often difficult to remedy. And he provided an immensely valuable tool that enables one to resolve any conflict. Widespread application of this law can make peace and harmony among people a reality.