Exposing Psychiatry's Crimes in St. Petersburg, Russia

More than 20,000 visited the Citizens Commission on Human Rights traveling exhibit April 11-May 10, 2017, in St. Petersburg, Russia

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is bringing the unvarnished truth about psychiatry to the people of Russia

More than 20,000 visitors learned the harsh and unmitigated truth about psychiatry at the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) Psychiatry: An Industry of Death traveling exhibit in St. Petersburg, Russia, April 11–May 10.

More than a quarter of a million people die each year at the hands of psychiatrists, and there are hundreds of thousands incarcerated against their will in psychiatric institutions. 

Shining the harsh light of day on psychiatric crimes, Psychiatry: An Industry of Death is a 185-foot state-of-the-art traveling exhibit featuring 14 documentaries and graphic display panels.

Based on the Psychiatry: An Industry of Death Museum at CCHR international headquarters in Los Angeles, the traveling exhibit provides practical guidance for doctors, lawyers, writers, artists and private citizens to take action in their own sphere to bring psychiatry under the law.

One of its most shocking sections documents psychiatry’s role in the Holocaust: its Nazi euthanasia programs that exterminated some 300,000 labeled mentally ill, perfecting the methods that Nazi psychiatrists then exported to the death camps. 

A sampling of comments from some of the visitors to the St. Petersburg exhibit illustrates its impact:

A clinical psychologist: “The exhibition draws attention to an urgent problem. Exposing the lack of scientific justification for psychiatrists’ activities that causes many negative experiences, forcing us to reconsider our views.”

A student: “An exhibition showing the horrors that are hidden from ordinary people … it makes you think.”

A speech pathologist who works with children with special needs: “It is appalling that such practices occurred and are occurring today — the treating of any ‘disease’ with medication without delving into the essence of the problem. If this method of treating people is continued, we are all doomed.”

An educator: “After visiting the exhibition, I am in a state of shock. Some of the facts we knew, but assembled into a single picture they are astounding.”

A pharmacist: “I fully agree with your depiction of the destructive activities of pharmaceutical companies.”

A teacher: “Many of these facts are hidden. It is good that you open people’s eyes.”

Citizens Commission on Human Rights is a mental health watchdog founded in 1969 by the Church of Scientology and Dr. Thomas Szasz, a renowned professor of psychiatry. With its worldwide corps of activists, CCHR is responsible for the enactment of laws outlawing involuntary commitment, brutal shock treatment, and widespread enforced drugging. CCHR has also contributed to protecting and saving the lives of millions of people by exposing and jailing thousands of criminal psychiatrists and blowing the whistle on psychiatric crime.  

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