Community Fair Brings Together Local Churches, Nonprofits, Businesses and L.A. City and County Officials to Help Citizens Prepare for Disaster

Scientology Volunteer Ministers of Southern California and the Church of Scientology Los Angeles partner with civic and community groups for a successful Disaster Preparedness Fair.

​Local churches, community groups, homeless support organizations and L.A. City services came together February 27 for the 2nd Annual Hollywood Community Preparedness Fair and Workshops.  All proceeds from the fair benefitted Family Promise, a nonprofit that helps homeless and low-income families achieve sustainable independence. The fair was organized by the Volunteer Ministers of Southern California and hosted by the Church of Scientology Los Angeles.

Hundreds attended the family-friendly event, where guests participated in workshops, learned CPR, first aid, self-defense and how to prepare for earthquakes or civil unrest.  Fair-goers also received important survival information and products from information booths and vendors including Kaiser Permanente Hospital, the L.A. Fire Department, L.A. DWP, L.A. Department of Emergency Management and the L.A. Library.  Younger guests enjoyed the afternoon at the bouncy house and petting zoo.

The fair was opened by Rev. Damian Kevitt, Regional Program Coordinator for the Volunteer Ministers of Southern California.  Kevitt welcomed everyone to the fair and explained the Volunteer Minister Program, stressing the importance of citizens being prepared and able to help others when disasters occur.

A representative of California Assemblyman Mike Gatto of the 43rd Assembly District presented two certificates of recognition: The first to the executive director of Family Promise for the organization’s invaluable work to help the homeless and the second to the Volunteer Ministers of Southern California for “outstanding leadership in helping end homelessness and educating the community on disaster preparedness.”

A representative of L. A. City Councilman Mitch O'Farrell accepted a certificate of appreciation from the Volunteer Ministers of Southern California acknowledging the councilman for his continued work to beautify Hollywood and assist the community. 

The L.A. Fire Department held a workshop on what to do when an earthquake strikes. The L.A. County Sherriff's Office then explained how to deal with civil unrest.  Valley Search & Rescue held workshops on basic first aid and saving someone's life with CPR, where those attending practiced CPR on mannequins to gain confidence on using the technique in an emergency.  Another workshop by Z-Ultimate Self Defense and Martial Arts Academy helped fair-goers learn the importance of self-defense and how to safely evade an attacker. 

The Buddhist Tsu Chi Foundation and the Volunteer Minister Disaster Relief Coordinator for the Western United States gave a presentation on disasters and volunteering and told guests the simple way to sign up to volunteer and help.

The Volunteer Ministers are a global force of people from all cultures and walks of life, committed to helping others. The Los Angeles Chapter is supported by the Church of Scientology of Los Angeles and responds to and helps the local community.  To learn more about the Volunteer Ministers, visit or call Damian Kevitt, Regional Coordinator, at 213-514-2651