Church of Scientology to Debut 'Who Am I?' Ad on Super Sunday

Asking the eternal question "Who am I?", the spot will air in multiple U.S. regions during NFL's championship big game match between the Broncos and Panthers.

For the fourth consecutive year, the Church of Scientology will debut a new ad aimed at Super Sunday audiences during the big game between Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

“Releasing a new Scientology ad during the game has become a tradition,” said Bob Adams, spokesperson for the Church of Scientology and former Denver Broncos tight end. “Last year, the theme of our ad was ‘Welcome to the Age of Answers,’ and we wanted to expand on that and invite people to our website where they are welcome to watch hundreds of videos that explain the basic principles and Scientology. They are also invited to enroll in one of 19 free Scientology Courses via the site or mobile app to gain first-hand knowledge or how this spiritual technology really does provide these otherwise esoteric answers.”

Super Sunday is the most talked about advertising day of the year. The ad, to air on Sunday, Feb. 7, is immediately recognizable as a Scientology ad from its impact and the way it weaves image and music together into a poetic 30-second spot.

With science providing answers to virtually every question today, this year’s Scientology ad zeroes in on the one question that can’t be resolved with a test tube or supercomputer.

“We live in an age of technological wonder,” the ad begins. It is technology that has changed our practical expectancies, as we know we can get what we need “at the touch of a button, the world’s knowledge at our fingertips.”

Yet with the “infinite source of answers to any question we might ask,” there is still one that has not been resolved, it says. And that this is the answer we thirst for.

The ad then closes the gap between the near-infinite answers available from science and the one that is not answered—“Who am I?” showing that the answer “lies at the intersection of technology and spirituality.”

The ad ends by bringing the viewer to the Scientology website with the letters spelling “spiritual technology” blending together into “Scientology.”