Church of Scientology Showcases Best Practices for Sustainability

Elisabeth Donaldson

In partnership with The Way to Happiness Association of Tennessee, the Church of Scientology Nashville observed World Environment Day with a Sustainable Living Conference.

According to fashion and beauty journalist Marilisa Racco,“The fashion industry is the world’s second-largest polluter, after oil. That means even if you’re diligent about correctly separating your recycling, put solar panels on your roof and collect rainwater, and strictly buy local, organic produce, you’re inherently implicit in fashion’s shameful truth just by getting dressed every morning.”

To combat pollution and enlighten people on the best sustainable living practices, the Nashville Church of Scientology, in partnership with The Way to Happiness Association of Tennessee, held its Sustainable Living Conference on World Environment Day.

The conference began with a keynote speech on sustainable fashion by Elisabeth Donaldson of the environment-friendly 365 Days of Thrift website. She covered how the fashion industry harms the environment, why thrifting — shopping at second-hand shops and vintage clothing stores — is important for sustainability. Her presentation was followed by an eco-conscious panel discussion with “Homesteading Hero” Janelle Hillman, high style thrift blogger Audrey Rhodes, and CEO of New Frontier Tiny Homes David Lattimer. Following the panel discussion was a fashion show featuring all thrifted clothing, arranged by stylist and thrift blogger Tori Beth.

The U.N. describes World Environment Day June 5 as “a broad, global platform for public outreach that is widely celebrated by stakeholders in over 100 countries. It also serves as the ‘people’s day’ for doing something positive for the environment, galvanizing individual actions into a collective power that generates an exponential positive impact on the planet.”

The Way to Happiness Association promotes sustainable living. The Association takes its name from the book The Way To Happiness, written by humanitarian and Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard. One of these precepts is “Safeguard and Improve the Environment,” which focuses on the importance of caring for the planet.

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