Businessman Alejandro Learns to Overcome Barriers to Success

Scientology News informes how for the Colombian businessman, Scientology is all about helping people.

Alejandro is a successful marketing professional and businessman in Bogotá, Colombia, now using his knowledge and skill to help the next generation thrive. He credits what he has learned in Scientology for helped him succeed in the field he loves.

“After college when I started my professional career, I started encountering many barriers in life,” he says, “and I began to see that Scientology had the tools to handle those barriers.”

"For me, being a Scientologist—it's help. It's ability. It's being part of society and being more able to contribute to it."

Meet Scientologist Alejandro

The skills he learned extended beyond the workplace, as he noticed, “any stressful situation, any problem, any situation around me—with Scientology tools I could solve them.”

With these problems resolved, Alejandro was ready to take on more.

“I was looking for a challenge where I could contribute in a more interesting and broader way,” he says, which was answered in the form of a request for him to take on the responsibilities of vice president for marketing and admissions for a university.

“Now I have the opportunity, by working in a university, to be in contact with students and can ensure they receive an excellent education—so they can be the future of Colombia.”

Alejandro sums up what he has gained from Scientology: “For me, being a Scientologist—it’s help. It’s ability. It’s being part of society and being more able to contribute to it.”

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Source: Scientology News


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