120 South African Christian Ministers Graduate Scientology Volunteer Minister Training

120 Christian ministers of the South African Vosrloorus Township received their certificates after completing all 19 Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses at a special graduation held by the Volunteer Ministers African Continental Cavalcade.

Courses prepare group for much-needed work in poverty-stricken Vosloorus Township in Gauteng

The Volunteer Ministers Africa Continental Cavalcade held a unique and passionate graduation, when 120 Christian ministers serving congregations in the Vosloorus Township were certified as Scientology Volunteer Ministers.

Each of the ministers completed all 19 Scientology Volunteer Ministers courses including practical assignments to hone their ability and skills. They resolved conflicts, salvaged marriages and helped individuals turn their lives around by coming to terms with past transgressions . With each new course, it became that much more evident how much these skills will help their congregations. Additionally, a number of the ministers decided to open their own Volunteer Ministers groups to train and enlist parishioners to help the community.

There was music and dance and tremendous camaraderie at the graduation. The ministers were awarded their certificates. In turn, they presented a large plaque acknowledging L. Ron Hubbard for the spiritual technology they will now use to help their people.

The Volunteer Ministers program is intended for use by Scientologists and non-Scientologists alike.  Anyone may train as a Volunteer Minister to use these tools to help their families and communities. 

Equipped with effective technology to resolve virtually any difficulty, Volunteer Ministers live by the motto: “No matter the problem, something can be done about it.” 


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